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Journal of Quality Improvement in Healthcare, Second Edition.

Heilman J; DeFelice N; Fatemi L; Welker M; Reyes K; Ramirez P; Muller E; Stippler M; Sutherland D; Youssef M; Kistin M; Parashar G; Ma T; Garcia M; Conklin J; Togami J; Ray G; Dodd M; Burnett A; Boyne P; Kolman k; Waldman D; Anderson M; Arguelles A; Korte C; Lewis B; Degani J; Belmonte J; Fleegler M; Lahr R; Wallbrant J; Langsjoen J; Topalovski T; Fulton Z; Niehaus K; McCord S; Moore F; Chastain E; Wilson C; Prieto G; Stromberg SF; Wendelsdorf A.

This publication outlines quality and safety improvement projects from one hospital's residency program, including efforts to enhance care transitions, reduce wait times, and increase reporting of near misses and adverse events.