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Health Literacy.

Carmona RH; Sudore RL; Yaffe K; Satterfield S; Harris TB; Mehta KM; Simonsick EM; Newman AB; Rosano C; Rooks R; Rubin SM; Ayonayon HN; Schillinger D; Mancuso CA; Rincon M; Lincoln A; Paasche-Orlow MK; Cheng DM; Lloyd-Travaglini C; Caruso C; Saitz R; Samet JH; Weiss BD; Francis L; Senf JH; Heist K; Hargraves R; Lindau ST; Basu A; Leitsch SA; Palepu A; Meli S; Faber V; Fang MC; Machtinger EL; Wang F; Davis TC; Wolf MS; Bass PF III; Middlebrooks M; Kennen E; Baker DW; Bennett CL; Durazo-Arvizu R; Bocchini A; Savory S; Parker RM; Kripalani S; Henderson LE; Chiu EY; Robertson R; Kolm P; Jacobson TA; Howard DH; Gazmararian JA; Sentell TL; Halpin HA; Sudore RL; Landefeld CS; Williams BA; Barnes DA; Lindquist K; Wallace LS; Rogers ES; Roskos SE; Holiday DB; Greene SM; Wagner EH; Kripalani S; Kindig DA; Saha S; Pignone MP; DeWalt DA; Sugarman J.
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This special issue includes articles on the relationship between low health literacy and outcomes, disparities, and medication errors.