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Methodological variability in detecting prescribing errors and consequences for the evaluation of interventions.
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Can an electronic prescribing system detect doctors who are more likely to make a serious prescribing error?
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Wrist tag 'offers drug warning.'
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Paediatric dosing errors before and after electronic prescribing.
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The incidence and nature of prescribing and medication administration errors in paediatric inpatients.
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Medicines reconciliation using a shared electronic health care record.
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Medication errors with electronic prescribing (eP): two views of the same picture.
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Prescribing errors in hospital practice.
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Risk of medication safety incidents with antibiotic use measured by defined daily doses.
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An In Depth Investigation into Causes of Prescribing Errors by Foundation Trainees in Relation to Their Medical Education—EQUIP Study.
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Standardising wristbands improves patient safety.
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From physician intent to the pharmacy label: prevalence and description of discrepancies from a cross-sectional evaluation of electronic prescriptions.
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A prevalence study of errors in opioid prescribing in a large teaching hospital.
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Double checking the administration of medicines: what is the evidence? A systematic review.
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