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Incidence and preventability of adverse events requiring intensive care admission: a systematic review.
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Outreach and Early Warning Systems (EWS) for the prevention of Intensive Care admission and death of critically ill adult patients on general hospital wards.
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The Rebecca O'Malley Report.
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The culture of a trauma team in relation to human factors.
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Breaking the mould in patient safety.
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Challenges and opportunities to prevent transfusion errors: a Qualitative Evaluation for Safer Transfusion (QUEST).
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Behavioral integrity for safety, priority of safety, psychological safety, and patient safety: a team-level study.
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Insufficient communication about medication use at the interface between hospital and primary care.
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Strategies to reduce the risk of iatrogenic illness in complex older adults.
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The Team Climate Inventory: application in hospital teams and methodological considerations.
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French national survey of inpatient adverse events prospectively assessed with ward staff.
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Recommended guidelines for monitoring, reporting, and conducting research on medical emergency team, outreach, and rapid response systems: an Utstein-style scientific statement.
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Quality indicators to detect pre-analytical errors in laboratory testing.
Plebani M. Clin Biochem Rev. 2012;33:85-88.
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