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Approach to Improving Safety
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Effect of bar-code technology on the safety of medication administration.
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Implementation of a telepharmacy service to provide round-the-clock medication order review by pharmacists.
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Wrist tag 'offers drug warning.'
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A network collaboration implementing technology to improve medication dispensing and administration in critical access hospitals.
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Utilising improvement science methods to optimise medication reconciliation.
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Medicines reconciliation using a shared electronic health care record.
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Medication errors with electronic prescribing (eP): two views of the same picture.
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Piecing together medication administration.
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Inpatient Computerized Provider Order Entry: Findings from the AHRQ Health IT Portfolio.
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ASHP national survey of pharmacy practice in hospital settings: dispensing and administration—2011.
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Electronic health records and adverse drug events after patient transfer.
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How context affects electronic health record–based test result follow-up: a mixed-methods evaluation.
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Effect of a weight-based prescribing method within an electronic health record on prescribing errors.
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Medication administration quality and health information technology: a national study of US hospitals.
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The rise of the medical scribe industry: implications for the advancement of electronic health records.
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A long-term follow-up evaluation of electronic health record prescribing safety.
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Influence of a systems-based approach to prescribing errors in a pediatric resident clinic.
Condren M, Honey BL, Carter SM, et al. Acad Pediatr. 2014;14:485-490.
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