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Approach to Improving Safety
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Evaluation of a physician informatics tool to improve patient handoffs.
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Texting while doctoring: a patient safety hazard.
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Systematically improving physician assignment during in-hospital transitions of care by enhancing a preexisting hospital electronic health record.
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Hospital Experiences Using Electronic Health Records to Support Medication Reconciliation.
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Safety in numbers? Try connectivity.
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The Veterans Affairs shift change physician-to-physician handoff project.
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Multi-professional patterns and methods of communication during patient handoffs.
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Piecing together medication administration.
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Creating a better discharge summary: improvement in quality and timeliness using an electronic discharge summary.
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Paper- and computer-based workarounds to electronic health record use at three benchmark institutions.
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Electronic handoff instruments: a truly multidisciplinary tool?
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Physicians' attitudes towards copy and pasting in electronic note writing.
O'Donnell HC, Kaushal R, Barrón Y, Callahan MA, Adelman RD, Siegler EL. J Gen Intern Med. 2009;24:63-68.
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