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Approach to Improving Safety
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Systematically improving physician assignment during in-hospital transitions of care by enhancing a preexisting hospital electronic health record.
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Overrides of medication-related clinical decision support alerts in outpatients.
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Piecing together medication administration.
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As industry automates, adverse events continue to haunt caregivers.
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Electronic alerts to prevent venous thromboembolism among hospitalized patients.
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Preventability of adverse drug events involving multiple drugs using publicly available clinical decision support tools.
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Use of electronic health records in US hospitals.
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A survey of factors affecting clinician acceptance of clinical decision support.
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CPOE: it don't come easy.
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Inpatient Computerized Provider Order Entry: Findings from the AHRQ Health IT Portfolio.
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PCA safety data review after clinical decision support and smart pump technology implementation.
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Standard practices for computerized clinical decision support in community hospitals: a national survey.
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Effective use of medication-related decision support in CPOE.
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