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Trends in central line–associated bloodstream infections in a trauma-surgical intensive care unit.
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Diet order entry by registered dietitians results in a reduction in error rates and time delays compared with other health professionals.
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Comprehensive stroke centers overcome the weekend versus weekday gap in stroke treatment and mortality.
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The impact of time at work and time off from work on rule compliance: the case of hand hygiene in health care.
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Fatal PCA adverse events continue to happen...better patient monitoring is essential to prevent harm.
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"July Effect": impact of the academic year-end changeover on patient outcomes. A systematic review.
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Interdisciplinary teamwork in hospitals: a review and practical recommendations for improvement.
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The impact of resident duty hour reform on hospital readmission rates among Medicare beneficiaries.
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2009 National Patient Safety Goals.
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Safe practice environment chapter proposed by USP.
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Do nurse and patient injuries share common antecedents? An analysis of associations with safety climate and working conditions.
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Safely implementing health information and converging technologies.
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Safe Practices for Better Healthcare–2009 Update.
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Safety of using a computerized rounding and sign-out system to reduce resident duty hours.
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Putting the 'patient' in patient safety: a qualitative study of consumer experiences.
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Scariest hospital risks.
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Meeting the Joint Commission's 2013 National Patient Safety Goals.
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Mortality rate after nonelective hospital admission.
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Patient whiteboards as a communication tool in the hospital setting: A survey of practices and recommendations.
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