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Empowering frontline nurses: a structured intervention enables nurses to improve medication administration accuracy.
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Association of interruptions with an increased risk and severity of medication administration errors.
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CMS 30-minute rule for drug administration needs revision.
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Medication safety initiative in reducing medication errors.
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Medication Administration Time Study (MATS): nursing staff performance of medication administration.
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The application of Aronson's taxonomy to medication errors in nursing.
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Work interruptions and their contribution to medication administration errors: an evidence review.
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Designing for distractions: a human factors approach to decreasing interruptions at a centralised medication station.
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Fall prevention in hospitals: an integrative review.
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Organizational, cultural, and psychological determinants of smart infusion pump work arounds: a study of 3 U.S. health systems.
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Going blank: factors contributing to interruptions to nurses' work and related outcomes.
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Interruptions and medication errors: part I.
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Medication errors: don't let them happen to you.
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Implementation of standardized dosing units for I.V. medications.
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Quiet please! Drug round tabards: are they effective and accepted? A mixed method study.
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