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Approach to Improving Safety
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Blending evidence and innovation: improving intershift handoffs in a multihospital setting.
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Hospital discharge.
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Developing a medical emergency team running sheet to improve clinical handoff and documentation.
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Using simulation to teach nursing students and licensed clinicians obstetric emergencies.
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The Daily Plan: including patients for safety's sake.
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Ticket to ride: reducing handoff risk during hospital patient transport.
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2009 National Patient Safety Goals.
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What is patient safety culture? A review of the literature.
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Nurses' role in communication and patient safety.
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Using a computerized sign-out system to improve physician–nurse communication.
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Assigning a team-based pager for on-call physicians reduces paging errors in a large academic hospital.
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Bedside shift reports: what does the evidence say?
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A relational leadership perspective on unit-level safety climate.
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Implementing handoff communication.
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