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Clinical nurse specialists as leaders in rapid response.
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How RNs rescue patients: a qualitative study of RNs' perceived involvement in rapid response teams.
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Rapid response teams seen through the eyes of the nurse.
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Nurses' perceptions of how rapid response teams affect the nurse, team, and system.
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Development of a modified early warning score using the electronic medical record.
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Nurses' perceptions of simulation-based interprofessional training program for rapid response and code blue events.
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The impact of the medical emergency team on the resuscitation practice of critical care nurses.
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Rapid response systems: from implementation to evidence base.
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Implementing a rapid response team: a practical guide.
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Strategies used by critical care nurses to identify, interrupt, and correct medical errors.
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Structural empowerment and patient safety culture among registered nurses working in adult critical care units.
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Inappropriate trust in technology: implications for critical care nurses.
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Preventing sentinel events caused by family members.
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Failure to rescue in neonatal care.
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Nurses' behaviors and visual scanning patterns may reduce patient identification errors.
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Moral distress, compassion fatigue, and perceptions about medication errors in certified critical care nurses.
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Is the drug shortage affecting patient care in your critical care unit?
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Designing a critical care nurse–led rapid response team using only available resources: 6 years later.
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