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Blending evidence and innovation: improving intershift handoffs in a multihospital setting.
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Research on nursing handoffs for medical and surgical settings: an integrative review.
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Adoption of National Quality Forum safe practices by magnet hospitals.
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Smart pumps: implications for nurse leaders.
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Developing a medical emergency team running sheet to improve clinical handoff and documentation.
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The Daily Plan: including patients for safety's sake.
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Feeling safe during an inpatient hospitalization: a concept analysis.
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Rapid response team in a rural hospital.
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Scanner beep only means the barcode has been scanned.
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Cascade iatrogenesis: factors leading to the development of adverse events in hospitalized older adults.
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Using simulation to teach nursing students and licensed clinicians obstetric emergencies.
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Medication safety initiative in reducing medication errors.
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Do nurse and patient injuries share common antecedents? An analysis of associations with safety climate and working conditions.
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Spreading a medication administration intervention organizationwide in six hospitals.
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Fall prevention in hospitals: an integrative review.
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Using a computerized sign-out system to improve physician–nurse communication.
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