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A new frontier in patient safety.
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Adverse Events in Hospitals: Overview of Key Issues.
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Hospital patient safety grades may misrepresent hospital performance.
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Hospital Reporting Program.
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National trends in patient safety for four common conditions, 2005–2011.
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African Partnerships for Patient Safety.
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BOOSTing Care Transitions Resource Room.
Project BOOST (Better Outcomes for Older adults through Safe Transitions), Society of Hospital Medicine.
Tennessee Center for Patient Safety.
Nashville, TN.
Assessing the state of safe medication practices using the ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment for Hospitals: 2000 and 2011.
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Achieving the 'perfect handoff' in patient transfers: building teamwork and trust.
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Interdisciplinary teamwork in hospitals: a review and practical recommendations for improvement.
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How much diagnostic safety can we afford, and how should we decide? A health economics perspective.
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The Henry Ford Health System No Harm Campaign: a comprehensive model to reduce harm and save lives.
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Eliminating CLABSI: A National Patient Safety Imperative.
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Safety First: Top of Your Board's Agenda: 100 Day Challenge Survey Report.
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Safety in numbers: the development of Leapfrog's composite patient safety score for US hospitals.
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Learning accountability for patient outcomes.
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