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A review of current and emerging approaches to address failure-to-rescue.
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Effects of rapid response systems on clinical outcomes: systematic review and meta-analysis.
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Maryland Patient Safety Center Emergency Department Collaborative.
Maryland Patient Safety Center.
Using an automated risk assessment report to identify patients at risk for clinical deterioration.
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Experience with family activation of rapid response teams.
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Implementation of Condition Help: family teaching and evaluation of family understanding.
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A reduction in cardiac arrests and duration of clinical instability after implementation of a paediatric rapid response system.
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A survey of nurses' beliefs about the medical emergency team system in a Canadian tertiary hospital.
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ISMP medication error report analysis.
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Ethical and practical aspects of disclosing adverse events in the emergency department.
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The medical emergency team as a safety net.
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Medical emergency team calls: the need to communicate a resuscitation plan.
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Single-parameter early warning criteria to predict life-threatening adverse events.
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Medication reconciliation in a rural trauma population.
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An objective study of the impact of the electronic medical record on outcomes in trauma patients.
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