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Errors associated with medications removed from automated dispensing machines using override functions.
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Improvement of medication event interventions through use of an electronic database.
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Health literacy and medication understanding among hospitalized adults.
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Drug-related problems in medical wards with a computerized physician order entry system.
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Enhancing medication use safety: benefits of learning from your peers.
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Hospital-based medication reconciliation practices: a systematic review.
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Clinical and safety impact of an inpatient pharmacist-directed anticoagulation service.
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Antiretroviral medication prescribing errors are common with hospitalization of HIV-infected patients.
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Nurse–pharmacist collaboration on medication reconciliation prevents potential harm.
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Bar-code technology for medication administration: medication errors and nurse satisfaction.
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Do drug interaction alerts between a chemotherapy order-entry system and an electronic medical record affect clinician behavior?
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A study of the frequency and rationale for overriding allergy warnings in a computerized prescriber order entry system.
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Medication error reporting in rural critical access hospitals in the North Dakota Telepharmacy Project.
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Medication-error reporting and pharmacy resident experience during implementation of computerized prescriber order entry.
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