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Safety and Medical Education
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Errors associated with medications removed from automated dispensing machines using override functions.
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Computerized physician order entry: promise, perils, and experience.
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The effects of computerized provider order entry implementation on communication in intensive care units.
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Improvement of medication event interventions through use of an electronic database.
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Health literacy and medication understanding among hospitalized adults.
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Can an electronic prescribing system detect doctors who are more likely to make a serious prescribing error?
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Evaluation of a redesign initiative in an internal-medicine residency.
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Physicians' attitudes towards copy and pasting in electronic note writing.
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Antiretroviral medication prescribing errors are common with hospitalization of HIV-infected patients.
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Conscious sedation on a general ward: the MET and clinical governance.
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Do drug interaction alerts between a chemotherapy order-entry system and an electronic medical record affect clinician behavior?
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A study of the frequency and rationale for overriding allergy warnings in a computerized prescriber order entry system.
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Design and implementation of an automated email notification system for results of tests pending at discharge.
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Passing the "Yo' Mama" test.
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Medication-error reporting and pharmacy resident experience during implementation of computerized prescriber order entry.
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Consequences of inadequate sign-out for patient care.
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E-prescribing: a focused review and new approach to addressing safety in pharmacies and primary care.
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The effect of workload reduction on the quality of residents' discharge summaries.
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