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Prescribing errors resulting in adverse drug events: how can they be prevented?
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Errors associated with outpatient computerized prescribing systems.
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How do community pharmacies recover from e-prescription errors?
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Ambulatory prescribing errors among community-based providers in two states.
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Electronic prescribing within an electronic health record reduces ambulatory prescribing errors.
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Using nurses and office staff to report prescribing errors in primary care.
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Transmitting and processing electronic prescriptions: experiences of physician practices and pharmacies.
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ISMP medication error report analysis.
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Addition of electronic prescription transmission to computerized prescriber order entry: effect on dispensing errors in community pharmacies.
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Reduce readmissions with pharmacy programs that focus on transitions from the hospital to the community.
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Perceptions of standards-based electronic prescribing systems as implemented in outpatient primary care: a physician survey.
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Family matters: pharmacy mix-ups.
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Unrealized potential and residual consequences of electronic prescribing on pharmacy workflow in the outpatient pharmacy.
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Randomized trial to improve prescribing safety in ambulatory elderly patients.
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Effect of a pharmacist on adverse drug events and medication errors in outpatients with cardiovascular disease.
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The relationships among work stress, strain and self-reported errors in UK community pharmacy.
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