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Dennis Quaid's Quest.
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The high-reliability pediatric intensive care unit.
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Health care failure mode and effect analysis to reduce NICU line–associated bloodstream infections.
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Perfect is possible.
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Quality: performance improvement, teamwork, information technology and protocols.
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Medical Mistakes: Dr. Oz Talks to Actor Dennis Quaid.
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Identification of latent safety threats using high-fidelity simulation-based training with multidisciplinary neonatology teams.
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Transitioning Newborns From NICU to Home: A Resource Toolkit.
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NICU medication errors: identifying a risk profile for medication errors in the neonatal intensive care unit.
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A case of the birth and death of a high reliability healthcare organisation.
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Where’s the Feeding Tube?
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Computerized provider order entry implementation: no association with increased mortality rates in an intensive care unit.
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The morbidity and mortality conference as an adverse event surveillance tool in a paediatric intensive care unit.
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Baby's death spotlights safety risks linked to computerized systems.
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